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This website is designed to provide information about Peace Corps Nicaragua to the public as well as assist Invitees to the program and prospective Volunteers.
The first Peace Corps Volunteers arrived in Nicaragua in 1969. Between 1969–78, the program ranged in size from 75 to 125 Volunteers per year. Volunteers provided assistance in education, vocational training, rural nutrition, rural waterworks, agricultural extension, cooperatives, and municipal development. After the earthquake of 1972, efforts were dedicated to rebuilding the country‘s infrastructure. The Peace Corps program in Nicaragua was suspended in 1978 because of civil war.
In May 1991, four Volunteers from Peace Corps programs in other Spanish-speaking countries reinitiated the program. The program has since grown to more than 160 Volunteers per year working in five project sectors throughout Nicaragua.
The year 2011 marked 30 years of Peace Corps service in Nicaragua and 50 years of Peace Corps service worldwide. Peace Corps/Nicaragua is recognized as one of the strongest Peace Corps programs in the Inter-America and the Pacific region.


  • CAPITAL CITY – Managua
  • AREA (KM2) – 130,375  km2
  • POPULATION – 6.1 million 
  • GDP – US$ 10.5 billion 
  • CURRENCY – Cordoba (NIO)